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"Blurred Lines" peaked at number one in at least 25 countries and becoming the number one song of 2013 in several of them. I.'s fourth, and Pharrell's third number-one single in the US, where it was also the longest running number one single of 2013.

So we had to approach the market in an interesting way." Feldstein came up with the idea of creating a video designed to go viral and brought in experienced music video director Diane Martel to shoot it."Blurred Lines" is a single written and performed by American recording artists Robin Thicke, T. Produced by Pharrell, it serves as the lead single from Thicke's album of the same name.It was released on March 26, 2013 through Pharrell's label Star Trak Recordings.Its controversial nature was designed to attract attention with Feldstein saying: "I knew it would get it banned quickly ...Getting something banned actually helps you." The video features Thicke, T.

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